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Pure Mexican Copal Sticks
Pure Mexican Copal Sticks
Pure Mexican Copal Sticks
The Aura Spot

Pure Mexican Copal Sticks

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Vrindavan Flowers Essences - made with white copal resin from Mexico.

This is our OG, a personal favorite and the best copal sticks in our opinion. It has a unique smell, lasts SO long, and its scent lingers in the air.

Copal is an ancient tree resin used in Mayan culture for thousands of years. Its spiritual and healing elements bring peace and renewal, allowing you to connect both to yourself and your surroundings. It has a clean, light, woody scent that could be compared to pine or turpentine.

Ingredients: Charcoal, Copal Resin & Denatured Alcohol.

Pack of 10 Sticks

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Wow! Précieux

J'adore cette odeur et je les utilise pendant ma méditation ou des moments sacrés.

Hermeet Suri
Best sticks

If you are into spiritual incenses this brand is the best. I have tried many copal incenses but nothing compares to this brand.

Karina blais

J’adore l’odeur

Sonia ML
Heavenly Aroma

I enjoy burning the Copal sticks during meditation and study. A very subtle and pleasant aroma.

Stefania Maria Signore
Magic ✨

Love it so much changes my mood to chill & relaxed love it 😍

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