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Essential Oil Incense
Essential Oil Incense
Essential Oil Incense
Province Apothecary

Essential Oil Incense

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LAVENDER: Calming & Relaxing - Lifts tension and instills calm, like a fragrant lavender field in the middle of summer.
CEDAR WOOD: Grounding & Strengthening - Clears and purifies the air, putting you at ease in your own skin.
BLACK SPRUCE + FIR BALSAM: Refreshing & Enlivening - Brings the great outdoors to you, stimulating your mind, and inviting creativity.

BENEFITS | We infuse charcoal incense by hand with pure essential oils to bring you effortless aromatherapy for your everyday spaces. Our incense is always free from synthetic fragrances and chemicals.

DIRECTIONS | Place incense in a holder. Light the black end of the stick by holding a flame to the stick until it holds its own flame. Let burn for a few seconds then gently blow out the flame. Smoke will rise and fill your space with scent. Enjoy! Only burn in a well-ventilated area. Always burn within sight. Keep incense bags sealed to maintain freshness.

20 Sticks

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Amazing incense sticks

I found my lavender package to be very sticky when opening which I'm assuming are the oils, they're quite pungent in odour. I quite enjoy the smell of them burning though and the price is very fair. I do prefer the campfire smelling ones, as they have slightly less odour and a bit more of that "smoky" smell. Overall I'd buy again though! Great service and high quality product.


The lavender scent is calming, very muted - just wonderful and long lasting. Love it 💞! Highly recommended👍

Ma tradition

J’adore l’odeur, ça sent l’épinette qui brûle dans le foyer dans le temps des fêtes. Nostalgie et réconfort.

Alia Zamora Sanchez

Lavender Essential Oil Incense

David Noiseux
Encens Épinette Noir

J’adore, excellent achat que j’utilise quotidiennement.

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